VIP Amazon Fulfilment Centre Tour Italy

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

About the event

AWS and Deloitte invite you to an exclusive VIP Amazon Fulfilment Centre Tour on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 at Amazon TRN1 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Meet with us and be inspired by innovation, understand the power of AWS technology. Deloitte industry expertise and understand how AWS and Deloitte determine the data outcomes that are most important to you. Discover and experience the power of Robotic Drive Technology Innovation behind the scenes of Amazon’s fulfilment centres.

Join us for a half day event hosted by the AWS and Deloitte Executive Team. During this exclusive event we’ll provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Join an in-person tour and follow an order through four unique processes and see the great technology and people that make Amazon what it is today
  • Understand the value Deloitte and AWS can bring on your journey to innovation in an informative discussion and presentation after your exclusive tour
  • Speak with like-minded individuals to share best practices and learnings on data & analytics, IoT, generative AI and much more over lunch

Amazon Fulfilment Centre Tours In-Person

Join Amazon Tour Guides on a walk through a fulfilment centre as they introduce the people,
technology and processes that help prepare each customer order.
The tour shows you how products move through our fulfilment centres, focusing on four main
processes: Pick, Pack, SLAM, and Ship. During the tour, you will meet some of our employees, see
robotics and other technology in action and learn about Amazon’s efforts in the areas of safety and

Cutting-Edge Technology

Amazon Tours allow you to see different types of robots in action and explain how they make the
fulfilment process more efficient, Robots not only benefit the people who work alongside them, by
reducing the distance we walk they also improve the shopping experience for our customers by
allowing us to hold more inventory and process orders more quickly.

The robots are incredibly smart, but they aren't competing for jobs—they're creating them. Robots
enable more inventory to pass through our fulfilment centres, which means more employees are
needed for handling that inventory. Since 2012, we have added tens of thousands of robots to our
fulfilment centres, while also adding hundreds of thousands of full-time jobs globally.


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